Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Our main focus areas are: HVAC, Wet Services, Fire Design (Rational and Deemed-to-satisfy), Fire equipment design (including wet fire), Vertical transportation/circulation, Energy modelling (building optimisation beyond XA compliance requirements focusing on efficiency), Green design (minimize energy consumption of all mechanical services.


Storm Water Engineering – Sustainable Engineering

We always strive to adopt emerging concepts based on accepted sustainable energy and environmental design principles and incorporate these into established design practices. Advising on sustainable master-planning in the built environment, green building design and assessment.

Water Engineering and Construction

Water and environmental engineering has to do with water resources development and management, yield analysis, low and flood flow hydrology, river hydraulics, design of hydraulic structures such as dams, tunnels and pump stations, water services, water quality and water treatment, as well as coastal and port engineering.

In the Water Division, fields of specialisation include river and stormwater hydraulics, design of hydraulic structures, hydrology, water services, water quality and treatment, and port and coastal engineering.

The division is endowed with an excellent and spacious hydraulic laboratory where a large number of model studies have been performed. Computer modelling also finds wide application in research and specialist consulting work.

Heinsite has extensive experience in the areas of HVAC (air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation), sprinkler and rational fire design as well as hot and cold water reticulation and drainage design. We ensure that service co-ordination between the required utility and the structure is optimal.

  • Turnkey Hot Water Solutions
  • Turnkey Cold Water Solutions
  • Turnkey Pump Solutions
  • Turnkey Grey Water Solutions
  • Turnkey Filtration Solutions
  • Turnkey Fire Pump and Sprinkler Solutions
  • Piping Specialists

Aspects we oversee :

  • Water systems and pipe networks
  • Hydrology and environment
  • Water quality and treatment
  • Drainage and stormwater systems
  • Coastal management, estuaries and coastal processes
  • River hydraulics and hydraulic structures

Our mission is to design, supply and install top quality products that meet the unique needs and expectations of our valued customers though our highly qualified and motivated team of employees.