Lack of proper inspection and maintenance is the single biggest causes of failures. In addition, Life Safety Code 101 requires all building owners to ensure the periodic inspection and test of all life safety systems.

We ensure the safety of all people. We are constantly reviewing the latest codes, standards and models. We research all new products as they come to market, in order to provide our customers with designs and solutions that not only meet today’s requirements, but anticipate future design needs and all code requirements.

As a company aiming for exponential growth, we strive to earn the respect of our customers and employees. We subscribe to the belief that the customer is always right.

We insist on providing our customers with the absolute best service in the industry, and we believe that by combining great service with quality components we will be set apart as the industry leaders. This is our goal so that we create customers for life.

Heinsite Construction

Aiming for Exponential Growth

If we can assist you in any way, or answer any questions you may have, we invite you to call us, or contact us today. Our knowledge spans a variety of platforms to offer our customers full support.


  • 01 use open standards, so there is no reliance on proprietary equipment

  • 02 use stable and robust systems

  • 03 are completely scalable

  • 04 ensure ease of integration

  • 05 ensure projects are cost effective

  • 06 ensure reliability

  • 07 ensure user friendliness