Contract Administration

Contract Administration

Our strategic objective is to deliver projects that fulfills the customer’s specifications and design. These specifications include the project being delivered on time, within budget and at the best quality.
In order to fulfill our strategic objectives, we apply a unique combinations of design, construction and project management.

Team Integration

  • Professional team selection
  • Organizational planning
  • Work authorization system
  • Constraints
  • Performance reports

Cost Management

The following services are provided in conjunction with a Quantity Surveyor:

  • Elemental cost estimate
  • Financial viability study
  • Value management
  • Cash flow estimate, reports
  • Board approved cost estimate
  • Rentable area schedule
  • Conditions of contract
  • Contract specification of materials
  • Contract & Sub-contract documents

Quality Management

  • Identify quality standards
  • Specification of materials
  • Quality inspections, audits
  • Quality control reports
  • Defects lists
  • Snag lists
  • Final acceptance

Resource Management

  • Organizational planning
  • Organizational responsibilities
  • Control, comparing actual vs planned
  • Team development

Risk Management

  • Identify risks that may affect project outcomes
  • Analyse risk, likelihood, consequences
  • Quantify, assess, prioritise, possible outcomes
  • Response development, what should be done
  • Response control, implement solutions